guideMost likely, you have heard about binary options not once and not twice. Possibly, you have even thought of starting trading with binary options and earning money. But you have never done it. Then, here is a short guide on binary options and how to start trading. When we speak about trading, we mean selling or purchasing good, or services, some kind of assets.

In case with binary options we are not trading with assets immediately, we are predicting the movement of their price. For example, if we selected gold as an asset for trading, we are trying to predict the price movement of this asset, whether it increases or decreases. If our prediction is correct, we earn, if not – we lose the trade.

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Types of Binary Options

There are plenty of binary options types that traders can choose from. We will discuss in short the most important and the most popular ones:

  • Indices

If you select indices binary options for trading, you have to know the market of shares and stocks pretty well. Here, you have to predict the price movement of shares of mostly very popular companies.

  • Currency Pairs

Many investors select currency pairs for trading. They believe, that common level of knowledge is enough to predict the price movement of a popular currency, like, say, US Dollar or Euro.

  • Commodities

Commodity binary options are quite popular, too. They are good for traders who are interested in commodities market, and can forecast the price movement of gold, for example. But if you don’t know which events influence on commodities price movement, better do not hurry and research the market more carefully.


These are the most popular kinds of binary options, which are perfect to start with. Later, when you become and expert trader, you will be able to trade with a huge variety of binary options, though most traders prefer to study one or two kinds in detail and trade with them. It is up to you, how and with what to trade.

Then, you will need a good broker.

How to Choose a Binary Options Broker?

Selecting the right binary options broker is the most parts of your successful trading. Why? – you may ask. There are many reasons to make such a statement. First of all, you trade not in air, your trading is based on a trading platform, which is operated by a broker. Then, you definitely would like to use trading signals, which are also generated by a broker. Moreover, you will have to be paid somewhere, for successful trades. Your earnings are kept in the account that you open with a broker, etc. I do not need to continue, the reasons are clear now.

Hence, we cannot trade without a broker. When you make a quick research, you will discover that there are many brokerage companies available online, and all of them are supposed to be the best. But how to choose the best one for you and for your individual financial requirements?

Free TIP:

You can find a list of regulated brokers on the website of every financial authority.

We advise you to check you broker making a deposit.

It is up to you, your likes and dislikes. Though there are some simple rules that will help you in selecting  reliable broker.

  1. Regulation – Binary options broker shall be regulated and authorized. Any regulation of any country is suitable. This is a guarantee that the financial operations are under the supervision of the authorities.
  2. Professional Customer Support – There shall be provided good quality customer support. The further you will notify about the problem, and the faster actions will be taken, the higher is the probability that your problem will be solved successfully.
  3. FREE Binary Options Signals – Signals shall be delivered without delays, as the market situation is changing every second. A delay in signal delivery may mean huge losses.
  4. Transparent Terms and Conditions – One of the most important things in order to have a good trading experience is to read and understand the Terms and Conditions Section including the Bonus Policy. Deposit and Withdrawal procedures should be clear and safe.

Before deciding for one broker or another, conduct the proper research in the internet, check the reviews that traders left, the information about the company, if available, the more you know about your prospective broker, the better is the situation for you.

How to Avoid Binary Options Scam?

safe tradingThe binary option market is a very lucrative place for scammers. In most cases those pretend to be brokers and promise huge bonuses and advantages. Be careful with super-generous proposals. Any broker, like any company, wants to earn his/her living. If one seems to be giving his money away – be aware, as this may be a scammer.

If the broker is not regulated in any way, better to avoid it and choose another trusted and reputable one. In case of a problem you will be helpless.

Be careful, if a broker promises one thing, but after opening an account with him, the conditions change. It is better not to make deposit but to look for another, more reliable service provider.

We sincerely hope that this short guide helped you to understand the basic things about the binary options trading. Thus, find a broker that you like, open an account with him, and start to trade! (If the broker provides a demo-account, do not forget to use that).

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