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Launched in the beginning of 2016, the Canuck Method is a binary options trading system. It was created and introduced in the market by Jake Mason who happens to be a professional investor.

From the past couple of months, we have witnessed a growing demand for this software. It can be seen that the software has attracted considerable amount of attention and users.

Today, the Canuck Method is a highly regarded auto trading solution. It has changed the lives of many traders for the better. It is not one of those systems that has been designed to dupe traders of their hard earned money. It is a reliable income generating software. To confirm this information, we undertook a comprehensive research into this software and all our findings has been analysed in this detailed review.

How To Trade with Canuck Method?

As soon as traders sign up for the Canuck Method, they will get their very own personal account manager who will provide guidance and assistance in every step of the way. The account manager can be contacted whenever traders need advice or help regarding their investments.

The Canuck Method works on sophisticated algorithms and it handles every trading related tasks. Moreover, it is constantly updated and tested so that it performs to its optimum best. The software has been designed to be used by both new traders and advanced level traders. Right from its interface to its trading operating, everything about the software is stunning. The graphics are stunning which shows how much work has been put into its design.

Traders will find the interface easy to navigate. Since the settings can be customized, traders can choose what they want to trade and how much investment they want to make per trade. Aside from this, traders don’t have to anything else because the software will work automatically to execute trades.


No Download Necessary

The Canuck Wealth System is a browser based system and therefore it cannot be downloaded and installed. These types of applications are much better because they don’t limit the ability of users to execute trades. As long has traders have their login details and a device that is connected to the internet, they can undertake trading related tasks.

How to Join?

The CanuckMethod works on auto pilot mode for which traders only have to customize its settings. It has the potential to generate stable income from online sources and this is the reason it is regarded as one of the best auto trading solutions on the market today.


Anyone who wants to maximize their earnings can sign up for it. It is suitable for advanced traders and newcomers as well. Details that are required to complete the free sign up process include name, a unique email address and telephone number. Once you have entered these details, a verification link will be sent to the email address provided which you have to click on to active your account.

Making a deposit is the next step. For this, the software will locate a suitable broker for you. After, the deposit has been made, it is possible to customize the settings and use the robot to trade automatically.

In summary, the getting started process is as follows:

  • Free Sign Up
  • Make a Deposit With the Assigned Broker
  • Trade on Auto Pilot & Make Profits

Average Returns

The average returns that traders have seen with this software are pretty high. Our personal research and findings also reveal that the Canuck Method has the potential to generate solid income on behalf of its users. The average that we have seen is around 95%.


Price of Canuck Method System

The price of the Canuck Method is zero. Currently, it is being offered for free, but we don’t know if this will be the case in the future or not. Jake Mason’s amazing creation can be accessed without paying anything. However, when traders open a trading account, they will have to deposit $250 to invest on assets.

Canuck Method: Legit or Scam?

Traders and online investors will always have their concerns and they will be reluctant when it comes to giving a new software a try due to the fear of getting scammed.

But when we looked into the details of the Canuck Method, we could establish that it is a genuine system. The software is legitimate because it has been created by a real person who was once a professional trader. There are no fake personalities or identities involved and there are also no fake testimonials on their website.

Our analysis also reveals that the positive comments and reviews published online are from real traders who have used the services of the Canuck Method and are happy with the results.

Moreover, personal information and details related to transactions are stored on secure servers. The funds are safe in the accounts of traders unless they are used for investing on assets. The Canuck Method is known for its safe operations and we also give it a big thumbs up for being so reliable and profitable.

Special Features

The Canuck Method really stands out from the rest of the automated robots available on the market today. It has special features that offer ease of use and enhanced profitability. Since traders can customize settings, they can control the risk level that is present. In fact, they can gain control over the entire trading process. The accuracy level of the robot is also high.

Additionally, customer support service is offered to every user who makes use of the Canuck Method. So no matter what problems or issues you get into, you will always have support from their team.


sylvia“The Canuck Method is the best software I have come across. It has helped me attain financial stability at a time when I was going through a lot of financial crisis. I use this system for a side income but trust me the amount I make is more than what I get in my 9-5 job. Hats off to the creator of the Canuck Method for doing such an impressive job. Ordinary people like me can now earn a stable income working from the comfort of the home.

Sylvia, 39


best 3The Canuck Method has gained a reputation for itself in the industry today. Those who make use of this auto trading software get access to a secure trading environment which is extremely rare due to the prevalence of scam robots. Our final verdict about the Canuck Method is that it is a legit software and it is perfect for both newcomers and expert traders.

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