Gemini2 is being promoted as an authentic and profitable auto trading software. But is this binary options robot legit or is Gemini2 a Scam?

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We were not able to get the results we were promised using the Gemini2 for binary options trading and we are unsure of the methods used by the software to place trades.

The success rate of theGemini2 is below the recommended 80% and we advise you to Proceed to Safety in order to keep your investments safe and to maximize your profits or Choose From the Top Systems in the Table:

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Gemini2 is a binary automated solution which was established in early 2016 by Brandon Lewis who is an alleged prominent software developer. The personal biography that he describes in the promotional video for the robot states that he has previous experience at a high position at the search engine giant and pioneer – Google.

He gave up his career in order to pursue a lifelong dream – to be self-employed. The first thing which makes us consider the binary options system unreliable and a possible scam is the fact that Brandon Lewis claims that the software has a winning ratio of exactly 100% which is absurd.

There are too many dubious things about this auto-pilot system for it to be regarded as legit. During our investigation we managed to establish that Mr. Lewis is not a real person. Users constantly complain about the fact that the platform and official website are constantly down.

Our best advise to online traders would be to proceed to a trustworthy automated investment software. This one will not get the job done and one can read more as to why in the following review.

What is Gemini2 Software?

GeminiTwo System began its existence as a side project of supposed founder Brandon Lewis. During his long work shifts, he gradually became bored with the whole process and started operating on something different.

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His life’s dream was supposedly having a company of his own. Seeing the rise to prominence of binary options about a decade ago, Mr. Lewis decided to concentrate his efforts on online trading. As good and promising as all of this may sound – it is not true.

The man that one can see in the video advertisement for the robot is just a paid actor and not the actual Brandon Lewis who does not exist in reality.

Interesting Fact:

Gemini2 was supposedly the 8th upgraded version of a previously-released binary options software. Our inquiry into the matter managed to establish that this is not exactly true, just a mere marketing trick in order to make the robot look more appealing.

What is the Operational Process of GeminiTwo?

This binary automated solution has two distinct modes of operation: manual and automated. It is not much different from other income-generating solutions, even though the founder claims that it is unique.

We mentioned the ongoing troubles with the website and the utilized trading platform. Many online investors have lost their deposits and traded amounts thanks to this problem. This is why carrying out financial operations with Gemini2 System is not considered safe and secure.

Our best advice to any online investor would be to sign up and get started with a proven to work profit-amplifying solution like Quantum Code. It has a winning ratio of 97% and user reviews go to prove that it is 100% legit and has never failed to make profits.

Is Gemini2 a Scam or Legit System?

When the Gemini 2 Software was released, there was great hype surrounding it. This is mainly because the people behind this automated investment tool made great efforts to promote it. Unfortunately, there is little to back it up.

This binary options robot is most likely a scam and online users should avoid it if they do not want to lose their savings. There are far better alternatives on the Internet. They can proceed to sign up with one of them instead.

Final Thoughts

Gemini 2 is not a properly working auto-trading solution and all the people should be aware of this fact in other to avoid falling into this scam. All the results of our investigation are negative and we have no choice but to advise all our readers to beware of the Gemini2 software and find another trading platform to work with.


downThe field of Binary Options is growing fast and the services needed and provided are multiplying every day. This is why we recommend traders to pick software that is meeting their requirements and needs.

Before you take the decision to Open an Account with Gemini2 you better pay attention to the information we wrote in this review. This so called advanced platform was tested by us and the winning ratio of Gemini2 was also carefully observed.

Overall, we cannot assure the legitimacy of Gemini2. We suggest you to Proceed to Safety with more reliable and approved binary option robot.

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