The Brit Method is an online trading software that was created by someone called Jason Taylor.

We performed a thorough investigation on this investment tool and found that it doesn’t perform as expected. The software was released with a lot of hype and there were claims that anyone who uses it will attain financial freedom in a very short span of time.

But after reviewing, we can confirm that the Brit Method is not a good option for trading. It lacks special features and does not provide the results that can meet the expectations of its users.

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Quick Brit Method Review

Price: Free
Software: automated app
Max returns: unknown
Min deposit: $250


Fully operational app


Unreliable signals
No special features
Connections with scam brokers
Performance is poor

The Brit Method Explained

The Brit Method was introduced to the public by its creator Jason Taylor. In the presentation video that is available on their official website, Jayson has taken the time to tell about himself and how he managed to create The Brit Method.

If you didn’t know, this software is targeted towards traders in the UK. There are many more which have been released after this targeting different countries and geographical locations.

According to Jason Taylor, he lacks financial and technical knowledge. He didn’t even complete his education. In order to find a stable source of income, he tried different occupations including forex. When he came across an investment software, he decided to create his own because he thought it was the only way he will be able to achieve his dreams.

He put together a team that comprised of mathematicians and software developers and designed the Brit Method. Since the launch of the software, it has generated massive attention. Many traders have tried it, but it is disappointing to see that none of them were able to accomplish their trading goals with it.

The Brit Method is not capable of satisfying the trading needs of its users. Its performance has declined significantly and today it has become a risky tool for making investments in the financial markets.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with the Brit Method is not recommended, but we will keep this review objective by providing the details on how traders can sign up for the software.

Complete the form – there is a form available on their website which should be filled out by anyone who wishes to use this software.

Register with a broker – the Brit Method doesn’t allow traders to use their choice of broker. Instead the software assigns brokers automatically.

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Trade – traders can use the auto-pilot feature to place trades on assets. But the success rate of the software is extremely low and trading automatically would mean losing investment capital fast.

The Operational Mechanism of The Brit Method

Traders have to create an online account with a broker that is recommended by the Free Money System before they can use the software. There are a number of online trading platforms that supports this software. It is available as a web based trading platform and it also works on mobile platforms including iOS and Android powered devices.

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Presented as an automated tool, the software places trades on financial assets by itself. The information available on their website suggests that the software does all the hard work behind the scene to come up with winning opportunities for the user.

But from our investigation, it is quite clear that the software doesn’t carry out any analysis or calculations before it makes predictions about the movement of asset prices.

Before you can even start using the software, you are asked for a minimum deposit of $250. Jason Taylor claims that his software is free and the deposit amount is a requirement from the broker. The problem is that once you add the funds, that will be the last time you will probably see funds in your account.

The software randomizes trades with your investment capital. It will keep using up the funds until you have nothing left to trade with. Then, you will receive calls from their pesky account managers who will try to lure you into depositing more. They will make all sorts of promises to convince you to fund your account again.

If you listen to them, you will end up losing more. This is because the Brit Method is not a reliable trading software. It produces inaccurate signals and trades randomly on your behalf.

The Brit Method: Success or Failure?

The Brit Method is a failed system and we have no idea how many times it has been reproduced and duplicated just to scam traders. The same software has been launched under different names over the past few years. The sad truth is that the scammers are continuing to reproduce it and present it to the public.

The Brit Method will not work to generate steady returns on your investments. It is a software that will gain your trust first and then your hard earned investment funds.

We have unveiled a number of misleading information and lies that the people behind this scam are using to trick innocent and unsuspecting traders.

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The software relies on fake reviews and testimonials to attract the attention of traders. There is nothing genuine about what’s written or published on their website. We did our own research and we found the information to be contradictory. There are negative reviews all over the internet and there is no evidence that it works well or helps traders meet their trading goals.

The software is also not free to join. The brokers associated have a poor reputation in the industry and you won’t know which broker you will be assigned until you complete sign up. They have hidden all the important information about their company from the public. Their company name or address cannot be verified. In fact, we did not find any information about Jason Taylor as well. He very much looks like a fictitious character created for marketing purpose.

The Brit Method is not a safe system. trusting this software would mean risking your investment capital and losing your funds eventually.


We have managed to expose some evidence which clearly indicates that the Brit Method is not a trustworthy solution for investing in the financial markets. Despite being fully automated, the software lacks special features and therefore is not capable of addressing the needs of traders.


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